Recent Before & After Photos

SERVPRO Heroes to the Rescue

When you leave the office, you are expecting it to be the same as you left it, not flooded. This office building has about 6 inches of standing water throughout... READ MORE

Pipe Broke at GNC

Pipes breaking behind a wall are the worse because you don't see the results until there is water all over the place. That was the case with this commercial loc... READ MORE

Water Damage in Dallas, TX

Getting a water damage at a commercial location is not a pleasant surprise. This location had to evacuate while we extracted, dried, and demoed. Extraction is n... READ MORE

Garage Door Clean up

Someone crashed into their garage door and it caused quite a mess. Why would this customer want to clean up a mess they didn't want or cause? No worries! W... READ MORE

Mold Remediation Job

Mold can start growing in places that are unexpected. This customer had mold in their home that was growing behind a freezer. Usually mold grows in areas where ... READ MORE

Garage Fire in Dallas, Texas

As we all know, fire is good to keep warm but if not taken care of properly it can cause some serious damage. Here is a fire damage we got called out to. Many o... READ MORE

Water Damage North Garland

This Living Room was flooded due to a leak in the water supply line to the refrigerator, we made quick work of the drying process to minimize the inconvenience ... READ MORE

Carpet Cleaning

We hear on the radio of carpet cleaning companies who specify in carpet cleaning. Then you hear about us throughout your research and you wouldn't think a resto... READ MORE


The city of Garland is known for being the largest city northeast of Dallas. When you get into larger city like Garland, more happens and some of us are not awa... READ MORE

Chicago Flood

This basement was flooded due to a frozen pipe. After cutting out the sheetrock and drying the floors, the basement is ready to be built back.