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Park Cities Company Restores Water Damaged Basements

8/3/2020 (Permalink)

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SERVPRO of Park Cities provides damage restoration for basements.

Though not as common in Texas as in other states, basements and basement apartments provide wonderful amenities, increased living space, and extra income for homeowners who upgrade the living space to accommodate a renter or renters. Homes in the Dallas/Fort Worth area that do have basements are generally older.

More Not Fewer Basements

Since the early 1980s, the trend to include a basement in house design has become more prevalent. One factor in the increase in the number of basements in new housing construction is the migration of people from colder climates where basements are common to the more temperate South. A basement nearly doubles the square footage of a home at a very affordable price.

Utilities for a basement apartment are very affordable, and the basement enjoys the insulation afforded from being underground. Temperature variations are minimal in a basement apartment, making it very energy efficient and economical.

A basement also serves as a built-in storm shelter, which is an attractive feature in light of recent tornadoes. Should the neighborhood lose power, the basement will maintain a relatively stable temperature no matter what the outside ambient temperature is.

The extra expense to excavate through the surface limestone adds a layer of cost to a home, so basements are found more frequently in high-end homes. All things considered, a basement is an economical way to add usable, comfortable square footage to a home.

Legal Considerations

In some cities around the US, secondary suites, such as garage and basement apartments, are not permitted because they do not conform to the zoning or land use district in which the property is located. Basement upgrades and conversions are great DIY projects. Sometimes these projects are completed without the proper permits and inspections and do not meet the local building code. Still, with proper permitting, a basement apartment provides a strong ROI.

Health Risks Easily Resolved

Basement apartments that fail to meet proper building codes may pose a health risk to the occupants of both the basement apartment and the occupants of the home. An inspection by a certified electrician can identify any issues that need to be resolved. Adding GFCI receptacles where and if needed will prevent electrocution and eliminate circuit overloads that may potentially disrupt the lives of everyone living in the home.

Smoke detectors and carbon monoxide monitors mitigate any risks related to fires. A basement fire is dangerous because the smoke has limited avenues of escape and may fill the basement very quickly. An additional exit contributes to the overall safety of the basement.

Adequate ventilation can be achieved, starting with an air purifier. A consultation with an HVAC professional can provide simple, affordable solutions that enhance the air quality of the basement. Improving the air quality and decreasing the humidity can alleviate concerns over mold and mildew in a basement. In any case, a mold inspection will identify any issues and provide reasonable strategies to resolve any mold problems.

Another health concern may be chemicals stored in the basement that may give off unhealthy fumes. Identify all chemicals, label the containers appropriately, and discard outdated or dangerous chemicals. Find an alternate storage location for the remaining chemicals such as paints, pesticides, and toxic household cleaners.

Flammable liquids such as gasoline, diesel fuel, oil, aerosol starter fluid, and charcoal lighter fluid may present a safety hazard. Whether the basement serves as an underground bungalow or as more indoor living space for the homeowner, flammable or toxic chemicals are best stored away from the home.

Radon is often associated with a basement. A radon inspection can determine the risk level for radon. A radon mitigation specialist can offer solutions if any issues exist at all. Often, improving the ventilation will remedy or mitigate many problems at once.

Basements are attractive to insects, pests, and mice. A regular visit from a competent, environmentally-friendly pest control company will take care of unwanted guests. Include basement treatment in the overall pest control plan.

Damage Restoration Services for Basements

SERVPRO of Park Cities knows basements. Should a basement become flooded, SERVPRO provides decades of experience dealing with flooded basements. SERVPRO can come in and do a thorough clean to prepare a basement apartment for occupancy. The technicians at SERVPRO of Park Cities can mitigate any mold or mildew issues the homeowner may have in the basement. Basements are not as common in the Dallas area as in other parts of the country, but when a water damage disaster strikes a home, including the basement, trust the professionals at SERVPRO of Park Cities.

For more information about basement water damage restoration, visit the SERVPRO of Park Cities website at https://www.SERVPROparkcities.com. Contact the office by phone at (214) 522-3000.

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